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“Before their first words” is a multimedia science tool for communicative development in the first year of life. This website promotes awareness and provides observation tools for parents and educators interested in language and communicative development.

“Before their first words” is a RecerCaixa project that brings together the Prosodic Studies Group (GrEP) of Pompeu Fabra University(UPF), and the Attention, Perception and Language Acquisition Laboratory (SALW) of the University of Barcelona. The project was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Danielle Matthews, University of Sheffield.

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Website funded by the RecerCaixa 2012-14 (project name “The precursors of language. A guide for parents and educators”) with a contribution from The Nuffield Foundation (project name: “Does promoting parents’ contingent talk benefit infants’ language development?”).

We are grateful to Santiago González Fuente, Lindes Farré and Helena Chaytow for their help with the text and audiovisual materials, and especially to all the families who have participated in the recordings.


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